House of Design offers Nordic design at its very best and most beautiful in the form of Metsovaara fabrics.

Why Choose House of Design?



Finding beauty in fabric, in design, in nature, in a smile, and a good heart. All our products are made with beauty in mind.



Extraordinary Metsovaara creations and world class textile design available only through House of Design New Zealand.



The very best cotton woven in Germany and printed in Finland to guarantee lifelong lasting of vivid colours and designs.

Valmu Fabric

Beautiful Valmu is an original 1971 design with original colours and produced to the highest standards for Metsovaara in Finland. Valmu is available now in eight colours for home decor, curtains and fashion. 

About Marjatta Metsovaara

Finland's queen of textiles and a major figure in Nordic design in the mid to late 20th century. The scale of Metsovaara's creations and artistic values of her work have made a large contribution to the world of interior textiles.


Metsovaara Homeware Range